“Hosting a Carnelian Knoll at-home party is a win-win to the 3rd power.

“First, you get to invite friends and neighbors over to party. Fun! I served tea, little sandwiches, and wine, but you could have beer and chips, wine and dips...just Twinkies. Whatever.

“Second, everybody gets to meet and chat with Julie as they pore over a vast display of her gorgeous and unique necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Speaking with Julie is fun because she's happy to describe how pieces are created, the provenance of the metals, stones, glass, or gems in her designs, and the process of creating or re-fashioning new jewelry from precious historic bits. A couple of my friends asked her to customize pieces for them.

“Third, Julie is committed to "socially-conscious shopping," which means that when you exchange money for goods or services, part of that exchange is given to benefit non-profit organizations that exist to Do Good in the world. At my party, for instance, Carnelian Knoll donated a percentage of total sales to one of my favorite groups, St. Michael's Church Choir in New York City. This donation was a surprise Christmas gift in June.”

--Elisabeth A.
Event host, June 2013

Carnelian Knoll’s “Socially-Conscious Shopping” events offer your guests a cozy, personalized purchasing experience while painlessly raising funds for your favorite charity.

Here’s how it works:

You gather 10 or more guests (including yourself) who are interested in purchasing Carnelian Knoll creations and invite them to your home or office. Carnelian Knoll will provide customized invitations (like the one below) and, of course, the jewelry. You provide the venue and snacks for the guests. Together we'll have a few hours of fun schmoozing and shopping. Sometimes clients even bring outfits that they are looking to accessorize. At the end of the show, Carnelian Knoll will give the charity of your choice $100 plus 15% of the sales over $1,000. So, a show that brings in, say, $1,500, will net your charity $175 (that's $100 plus 15% of $500); a show that brings in $3,000 will net $400 ($100 plus 15% of $2,000). And no host has ever escaped without a gift from Carnelian Knoll!

Shows may be scheduled in the New York metropolitan area. (Let's talk if you'd like to host a show outside the New York metro area.)

Sample home show invitation

To host a show, just fill out the form below, then click the "Submit Form" button. Julie Siegmund will contact you to make arrangements.

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